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Blend Modes, Part Two with John Reuter Part Two of Blend Modes focuses more on creative effects. The first effect is one I learned of on Russell Brown's excellent podcast and shows ways to paint with Blend Modes through the History brush and offers extremely flexible ways to change the tone, contrast and color of your image in a very intuitive way without layers. Next we explore hand coloring or rather mouse coloring to take an old photo and add color to it before it is added to an image composite. Finally we explore figure and background blending through use of the new Darker Color Blend mode in CS3 and the use of the blending sliders. There are many blend modes still to cover and no doubt there will be a Part Three. Stay tuned.
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John Reuter: Photoshop Imagery In this episode I want to go in a slightly different direction. Rather than another how-to tutorial I want to present my work from a more creative perspective, how I evolved as an artist and a Photoshop practitioner. So we will look back at early work that predated my Photoshop involvement as well as the evolution of the imagery as I began working digitally. I hope this gives you a perspective on the role that Photoshop as a software program plays in my thought process as I work through the building of various images. I also hope in the future to feature other Photoshop artists and explore their working methodology and how Photoshop influences their working process and relationships with their images. My goal is to provide a balance between technique and the thought process that creates the final images.
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Photoshop Blend Modes Part One The Photoshop Blend Modes offer the artist a great deal of creative and practical possibilities. At first glance they can seem a little overwhelming and confusing. But if you approach them by their groupings and understand what each group does they begin to make more sense. This podcast explores the historical origins of the blend modes and how they have evolved in Photoshop. We then explore some of the uses of blend modes to create borders, add noise, enhance a portrait, burn and dodge, remove dust and apply adjustment layers. In part two of blend modes we will explore some more creative effects.
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Photoshop CS3: Smart Objects and Smart Filters Photoshop CS3 has taken the concept of Smart Objects to a new level, adding the capability of working with Smart Filters. Smart filters are non-destructive filters associated with Smart Objects that give Photoshop capabilities that programs such as Adobe After Effects have had for years. They come at a price, however. In larger files you may find that they will tax your system resources to the maximum and you have to be more careful in laying out your workflow. Some of my experience with them in this tutorial may be due to the fact that we are working with a beta version of CS3 and hopefully the final version will have faster performance. This tutorial was created on a G5 Dual 2.0 gz with 2.5 megs of ram. I since tried the same files on my Mac Book Pro with 2 gigs of ram and performance was noticeably faster but the Lens Blur and re-rendering of Smart Objects still took over a minute or so. I still think waiting for this is worth the flexibility and is a superior alternative to adding extra layers to run filters on. In any event Smart Filters are a powerful addition to Photoshop and offer new freedom and capabilities in creating images.
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