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History Palette Part One with John Reuter The History Palette has always been a great way to track your movements in Photoshop and return to previous versions of your image when you have taken a direction that is no longer working for you. It can also be a very practical and creative tool for retouching, emphasizing certain details in your image or altering your focus and apparent depth of field. In this podcast we explore using blurred and sharpened history snapshots to emphasize the eyes in a portrait and to change the focus in our image, mimicking a focus effect of a view camera.
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Layer Styles Blending with John Reuter Layer Styles Blending has been an integral technique in my workflow for many years. It is a great way to composite images and has many other practical uses as well. This podcast explores Layer Blend Modes as well as the "Blend If" sliders to blend image pixels.
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Welcome to my new site for Creative Photoshop. I have been teaching Photoshop at workshops around the country since 1995. I have always wanted a way to bring information to prospective and current students. My existing website was able to list workshops and offer some PDF downloads but the new technology of video podcasts really makes it convenient to reach an audience with content quickly and efficiently. Creative Photoshop is a book in progress and much of the content I will offer in abbreviated form here will find its way in expanded form in the book. Suggestions are certainly welcome as I go forward. The idea for doing a site such as this came while I was teaching a one week Photoshop workshop for the Art Department faculty at Cornell University. It was an interesting experience for me as I have mostly taught Photoshop to photographers in my workshops. The Art Department faculty consisted of not only photographers but also printmakers and sculptors. It was refreshing to get their perspective on Photoshop and how they reacted to the various techniques presented. Near the end of the week I was reviewing resources and showing some of the Podcasts available in iTunes. One of the faculty said to me" why don't you make some podcasts?" And so here we are, my first one. I have chosen one of my favorite techniques, "Layer Styles Blending". My first effort can probably be improved but it gets to a point where it is time to put it out and see what happens. I am sure (at least I hope so) that my later tutorials will be more polished. I hope you enjoy this first effort. John Reuter
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